VCSEL Features:

  • Single and Multi-Junction VCSELs
  • 680 nm to 940 nm Wavelengths
  • High Power Efficiency (> 50%)
  • High Wavelength Stability (0.07 nm/°C)

Vixar’s Capabilities:

  • Custom VCSEL Solutions
  • Narrow Beam Divergence Designs
  • Time-Of-Flight Optimization
  • Illumination Addressability

Latest News from Vixar Inc.

Vixar announces 80W FET Driver Reference Module

Vixar has announced that it will be releasing a reference module for TOF applications. The Reference module will consist of a 2mm x 2mm VCSEL die along with driver electronics on a Cu PCB. The module has been evaluated to generate 80W of optical power in a 50 ns pulse width.   More details can be found in the following... [ Read More ]