Vixar extends its line of 940nm VCSELs

As part of Vixar’s commitment to serving the rapidly growing industrial and consumer sensor market, we are pleased to announce expansion of our 940nm VCSEL product line. The products are suitable for spectroscopic sensing, IR illumination, structured illumination and time of flight (TOF) sensors for 3D sensing and imaging and gesture recognition. The product line consists of multiple chip designs ranging from single mode, multi-mode and arrays emitting up to 4W of optical power. The 940nm wavelength is compatible with low cost silicon photodiodes while also reducing the visibility of the beam for unobtrusive sensing.

Performance, reliability and manufacturability are intrinsic to the designs, and are being produced on a high volume manufacturing line capability of producing 10’s of millions of units per month.

VCSELs provide advantages over both Light Emitting Diodes and conventional lasers in terms of their speed (for TOF applications), narrow spectrum (for compatibility with filters used to reduce the effect of ambient light) and compact packaging.

Vixar’s 940nm VCSEL designs are available in a variety of packaging options, including surface mount packages, chip on submount, and TO-can packaging, and can also be combined with optical elements such as diffusers or diffractive optical elements (DOEs).

Vixar’s full product lineup of VCSELs with wavelengths ranging from 660nm to 940nm, provides our customers with great flexibility in tailoring solutions to optimize for visibility, compatibility with detectors, and desired spectral and beam divergence characteristics.

Please contact us with your specific needs and requirements and we will help to craft the optimum solution for your application.

Sales contact:
Mr. Todd Schieffert
Vixar Inc
763-746-8045 X305