Vixar Demonstrates Widely Tunable Single Mode VCSEL

Vixar has demonstrated a widely tunable laser platform based on integration of VCSEL and microelectromechanical system (MEMS). The new advancement is part of a NIH funded program to develop multiwavelength swept sources for tissue spectroscopy applications. The device combines a vertical cavity surface emitting laser with a thermally actuated movable mirror to tune the laser cavity across a wide spectral bandwidth. The unique design allows for mode-hop free continuous tuning with less than 2.5V applied bias. Single mode output power up to 0.75mW has been achieved over 32nm of tuning. The electrically pumped architecture and compact form factor (<0.5 mm square) enables straightforward operation and versatile packaging flexibility. Spectra below demonstrate a VCSEL centered at 935nm, however the approach can be adapted to any wavelength range from 660 nm to 1.1um for a variety of medical and industrial sensing applications.


The tunable VCSEL is still in development, but we welcome discussions with potential partners regarding applications and more specific requirements for the technology.




Vixar releases new Integrated VCSEL/diffuser/ photodiode product line

March 22, 2018

Plymouth, MN

Vixar is pleased to announce the release of a family of high power VCSEL products including diffuser and monitor photodiode. The product line is based upon a surface mountable ceramic package and is designed to serve the consumer, industrial and medical 3D imaging and sensing market.
The addition of the photodiode monitor is useful for controlling output power levels, and for monitoring for events which can affect eye safety. By combining the photodiode monitoring with the appropriate threshold circuit, one can detect events that can create an eye safety hazard, such as a broken, missing or damaged diffuser.
The product family encompasses a number of options including: 850nm/940nm wavelength, power levels from 0.3W to 4W, multiple ceramic package sizes from 1.9mmx2.2mm to 2.8mmx3.5mm, options with or without monitor diode, and a variety of diffuser designs.
Performance, reliability and manufacturability are intrinsic to the designs which are being produced on a high-volume manufacturing line.
VCSELs provide advantages over both Light Emitting Diodes and conventional lasers in terms of their speed (for Time of Flight applications), narrow spectrum (for compatibility with filters used to reduce the effect of ambient light, and compact packaging.
Vixar’s full product lineup of VCSELs with wavelengths ranging from 660nm to 940nm, provides our customers with great flexibility in tailoring solutions to optimize for visibility, compatibility with detectors, and desired spectral and beam divergence characteristics.
Please contact us with your specific needs and requirements and we will help to craft the optimum solution for your application.

Sales contact:
Mr. Todd Schieffert
Vixar Inc
763-746-8045 x305



Vixar exhibiting at Photonics West 2018

January 30-February 1:  San Francisco, CA.  Vixar will be exhibiting at the Photonics West 2018 to be held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA.  Vixar designs, develops and manufactures visible and IR (660nm to 1000nm) Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers (VCSELs) for consumer, industrial, automotive and medical applications.

Vixar can be found at Booth 5430.

Products highlighted will include 0.5 to 4W 850nm and 940nm VCSEL arrays in surface mount packages including PLCC or ceramic with diffuser or DOE.  We will also be introducing low profile surface mount packaging for incorporating an output power monitoring function.

Sales contact:

Mr. Todd Schieffert

Vixar Inc or

763-746-8045 x 305