About Us


Vixar is a subsidiary of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors (OSRAM OS) and has become a market leader with a diversified VCSEL product portfolio. Vixar manufactures VCSEL die, SMD packages, and optical modules for sensor and device applications. Vixar brings to OSRAM OS a highly experienced team with expertise in semiconductor laser design, reliability, and packaging.

Standard products and custom solutions are developed to enable emerging technologies within the biomedical, industrial, automotive, and consumer industries. These customers will benefit from reduced power dissipation, coherence, a specific wavelength or spectral width, a narrow beam or small optical spot size, or a multiple-beam laser chip.


Vixar has established a manufacturing infrastructure and supply chain providing the large volume production. Vixar combines the best design expertise with the most capable manufacturing partners. Multiple partners are utilized with both domestic and off-shore capacity in the standard processes with the flexibility to customize and scale products as demanded in the fast-growing markets.