VCSEL Packages

The vertically emitting nature of the VCSEL allows us to take advantage of surface mount packaging that has been developed for LEDs as well as integrated circuits. Vixar has expertise in manufacturing VCSELs packaged in a plastic leaded chip carrier (PLCC) modules.

Vixar has the following standard parts that are currently available for sampling and mass production:


Standard Portfolio – PLCC Packages

Part NumberWavelengthRecommended
Max Peak Power
CW, 100% DC
Max Peak Power
100 μs, 1% DC
Max Peak Power
5 ns, 0.1% DC
V00013680 nm1.5 mW3 mW - Visible, Gaussian beam shape, ESD diodeV00013_Datasheet
V00002680 nm7 mW15 mW - Visible, non-Gaussian beam shape, ESD diodeV00002 Datasheet
V00147850 nm70 mW150 mW330 mWInvisible, triple aperture die, non-Gaussian beam shapeV00147_Datasheet


Standard Portfolio – Ceramic Packages [Discontinued]

Vixar will no longer support the Ceramic Package Portfolio. This includes all of the listed products in the attached Product Discontinuation Notice in the link below. For appropriate product replacements, please refer to the “Device (ams OSRAM)” column and contact either your local ams OSRAM sales representative or for more information.

OS-VX-PDN-2021-Ceramic Family