VCSEL Modules

Packaging provides the electrical and optical interface to the VCSEL array, as well as mechanical protection. The packaging of high power arrays has additional challenges in that the thermal power dissipation must be managed. Less than ideal heat removal from the array can result in degradation of the device performance.

The vertically emitting nature of the VCSEL allows us to take advantage of surface mount packaging that has been developed for LEDs as well as integrated circuits. Vixar has expertise in manufacturing VCSELs packaged in a plastic leaded chip carrier (PLCC) and ceramic substrate modules. TO can packages are also used for applications requiring VCSEL integration with TEC and thermistors for wavelength tuning.

The table below gives the standard product options for packages with Vixar’s VCSEL die. Please contact us ( to discuss the availability of samples or customization options.


VCSEL Package Drawings

PLCC2 3020 Package
PLCC2 2835 Package
C2023 2L Package
C2034 4L Package
C2835 2L Package
C2835 2L Dual Anode Package
C2835 4L Package