VCSEL Evaluation Modules

The Vixar evaluation modules were developed to assist customers in their VCSEL development for Time of Flight (ToF) applications. The module can be driven for high speed pulsed operation with high optical pulses up to 80 W of peak power. The module can be used to evaluate Vixar’s high power VCSEL products over a wide range of testing conditions. The driver module is available mounted on an evaluation board to for quick setup and measurement of Vixar’s high power die with a simplified high-speed GaN FET circuit. SMA connectors allow quick connections for pulse triggers and FET voltage measurements. The module has shown to deliver 80W of peak optical power with 110 A of forward current.



Evaluation Module Quick Start Guide
Evaluation Module Quick Start Guide


V00160 – 850 nm Evaluation Module Datasheet
V00160_Preliminary Datasheet


V00159 – 940 nm Evaluation Module Datasheet
V00159_Preliminary Datasheet