Standard Portfolio

Vixar specializes in the cost-efficient mass production of vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs). VCSELs are available to purchase in die-only form and SMD packaging. See below for Vixar’s current standard product offerings.

VCSEL Packages
VCSEL Modules


Emerging Technologies

Vixar is continuously innovating and improving our products, and these advancements enable VCSEL technology in a wider range of applications. Many improvements in the VCSEL structure have been technically proven by Vixar and can be implemented to achieve customer-specific requirements.

Below are some of the technologies that Vixar has developed. Please contact the Vixar sales team for any inquiries on how these technologies can be utilized for your application.

  • Vixar’s PowerBoost technology can achieve high efficiency multi-junction VCSELs to achieve record-breaking levels in optical power density and efficiency for Time of Flight (ToF) applications
  • Reduced beam divergence epitaxy can be balanced with high efficiency multimode die structures to deliver optimal VCSEL products best suited projection optics and Diffractive Optical Elements (DOEs) for structured lighting
  • Complex laser die fabrication can incorporate strip and reduced pitch apertures to enable higher optical power density per chip area
  • Addressable flip-chip technology is available for VCSEL technology for improved impedance and thermal performance of VCSELs in high power, high speed applications in LiDAR


Custom Solutions

Our technical staff has the necessary expertise and experience (packaging, electrical engineering, photonics engineering, mechanical design) and our manufacturing partners have been chosen to facilitate these types of projects. Below are the many solutions that Vixar can provide for custom VCSEL die, packaging, and module solutions for niche applications.

  • VCSELs with specific wavelengths [650 nm – 1000 nm]
  • Die layouts to optimize for target optical power output and efficiency
  • Addressable VCSEL arrays, including high power zone and individual aperture addressability on a single die
  • Monolithic integration of a VCSEL, photodetector, and temperature sensor within a single die
  • VCSEL die assembled in industrial standard packaging, including SMD & TO can packaging
  • Integration of VCSELs and other components into custom packages with primary optics
  • VCSELs packaged with ESDs, TECs, thermistors, FETs, and additional subcomponents
  • Packaging on custom ceramic submounts or Copper-based PCBs for module integration