Vixar specializes in the cost-efficient mass production of vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs). VCSELs are available to purchase in die-only form and SMD packaging. See below for Vixar’s current product offerings.

VCSEL Modules

Some customer’s VCSEL-based light source requirements are not met by current products on the market. Other customers want a VCSEL-based solution at a higher level of integration than Vixar offers in its standard products. Vixar specializes in solving these problems that are typical of emerging and niche markets.

Our technical staff has the necessary expertise and experience (packaging, electrical engineering, photonics engineering, mechanical design) and our manufacturing partners have been chosen to facilitate these types of projects.

Examples of custom projects that Vixar has engaged in include:

  • 14” Laser scanning units based on VCSEL arrays (vs. rotating prisms)
  • Monolithic integration of a VCSEL, photodetector and temperature sensor within a single chip
  • Integration of VCSELs and other components into an industry standard package (e.g., VCSEL, TEC, thermistor in a TO-5 package)
  • Array chips, with customer-specified VCSEL count, pitch, and geometry
  • VCSELs with specific wavelengths (different than our standard products)
  • VCSELs optimized for efficiency or output power
  • Packaging on customer supplied submounts