Vixar Publishes Groundbreaking Multi-Junction VCSEL Developments

At Photonics West 2020, Vixar announces its most recent progress with VCSEL technology, demonstrating 60% wall plug efficiencies with multi-junction VCSELs.

Vixar has developed double and triple junction VCSELs for their current portfolio. Multi-junction VCSELs are difficult to manufacture due to the tight tolerances required to build and align the tunnel junctions that separate the multiple active regions inside the VCSEL cavity. Regardless of the challenges, Vixar has shown promising results for both single aperture die and VCSEL power arrays. The reduction in forward current allows for the achievement of higher power densities and improved rise times. Thus, multi-junction VCSELs are promising devices for Time-of-Flight and LiDAR applications.

More information can be found in the PDFs below:

PowerBoost VCSELs


Strip Pattern VCSEL