Vixar and Partners Demonstrate A Low Cost Revolution for Multi-Gigabit Optical Interconnect

January 2, 2013
Vixar Inc., Chromis Fiberoptics, Silicon Line, and Unive Inc. collaborate to demonstrate 1st POF-based compact mobile high-speed HDMI AOC.

Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas, NV, January 2, 2013: Vixar, a supplier of high performance, energy efficient, optoelectronic components and subassemblies, has worked closely with Chromis Fiberoptics, Silicon Line GmbH, and Unive Inc. to be first to demonstrate a compact mobile high-speed HDMI Active Optical Cable (AOC) using Plastic Optical Fiber (POF). The demonstration will be at the 2013 International CES event (Booth #75508, located in The Venetian), January 8-11, 2013.

Data rate increases in standards-based media interconnect are beyond the limits of copper for practical cable lengths, yet the price of glass fiber is prohibitive for many applications from 3 to 100 meters. While copper is the lowest cost for the very shortest bandwidth-distance needs, it has severe practical reach (distance) limits, e.g., a few meters for USB