Photonics West – Press Release

At Photonics West 2020, Vixar unveiled its latest works in improving VCSEL power and efficiency standards. Vixar has shown record achieving results with its multi-junction VCSELs and has designed a 10W die for high power applications.

Vixar, part of the global, high-tech lighting company Osram, will launch its leading-edge multi-junction VCSEL technology with an impressive 60% power conversion efficiency. This is significantly higher than the comparable single-junction’s performance of 53% peak wall plug efficiency. Following the recent acquisition of Vixar, Osram is setting new standards in the VCSEL industry, including the demonstration of dual- and triple-junction VCSELs that provide lower current, increased efficiency and higher speed.

Vixar has also expanded its VCSEL chip portfolio today with the introduction of a higher power 10 W chip with greater efficiency. The new 10 W VCSEL chip will help customers in the 3D sensing industry that want higher power and superior efficiency. The product will allow customers to use just one single chip, instead of a subassembly that incorporates multiple VCSEL chips. The one-chip design results in reduced overall size and lower costs.

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